Hauntings in Hospitals, Medical Centers and Doctors' Offices

Hospitals are, unfortunately, often home to much pain and suffering, both physical and emotional. And of course many deaths, some of them untimely and tragic, which can sometimes lead to those wayward spirits being trapped at the location where they suffered. Hospitals can also be home to kind and protective spirits who seem to watch over both patients and employees; people who once pledged their lives to caring for others, and who continue to do so even in death.

We are currently working to post more medical centers with reported paranormal activity. Here are the ones we have so far. Most titles will appear as links; click one and you will be taken to that location's customized page. They are alphabetized by city/town.

Tucson - St. Mary's Hospital - 3.5 stars (out of 5)
This faith-based hospital is home to a ghostly nun who continues to watch over people long after her physical form has passed on.

Hauntings in Former Hospitals

Jerome - Grand Hotel - 4 stars (out of 5)
Once a hospital, now a historic (and haunted) hotel.