HPAZ - A Work in Progress

Welcome to the Haunted Places of Arizona website! This site is still in its early stages and is constantly a work in progress. It is also quite small at the moment, only a fraction of what it will be one day - but we hope you can realize how much research and work is required for each article, and forgive us for not updating as often as we all would like. We also hope that you will enjoy everything we currently have posted. You can scroll down to the bottom of this page for a list of cities and haunted places that are currently featured. Perhaps you'd even like to help us build our archive by submitting your own experiences, information, photos and more - or even by becoming a staff member and writing articles for us.

We truly apologize for not being able to update that often and want you to know that we have not forgotten about the site, even during our long periods of absence. We love this site as much as we hope you will, and we want to see it grow into the web's biggest, most informative and most accurate archive regarding Arizona hauntings. So please feel free to do your part by e-mailing us anything you think we can use or will be interested in, or even for more information about becoming a writer for us. And don't forget to sign up for our mailing list so you will be the first to know when we post a new update!

Recent Updates

November 17, 2015 - There's a new page in our archive! Read all about the history and haunted activity of the former Monti's La Casa Vieja (a.k.a. Hayden House), the oldest structure in Tempe. Unfortunately this restaurant closed down last year and the building is currently vacant, but it had to be included on our site! This is my longest and most important (in my opinion) article to date. If you watch our Facebook page, you knew there was a reason I visited the Haydens' graves last week, and this is why. This article required some hands-on research. Also posted in the HPAZ Blog is my personal account of visiting Monti's on its very last night in business a year ago, including a few medium-quality photos, as I unfortunately forgot my digital camera that night. Check them both out below!
Hayden House archive postHPAZ Blog entry

Sept 16, 2014 - Help Wanted! I'm looking for a few writers to contribute articles to the website on a regular or semi-regular basis. You don't have to know anything about websites, just be a decent writer with internet access, be willing to do an acceptable amount of research for each article, capable of using proper grammar and punctuation, etc. All you have to do is use the internet to do research about the location you're writing about, follow the format I've made for the articles, and submit them to me. Write as many as you have time for!

I'll double check them for typos and such, then get them on the website. I will ask you to write a short bio about yourself, and you will get your own profile in a new "Writer Profiles" section that will include your name/pen name, picture (optional), an email link you'd like to be contacted at, and links to your own website, Facebook, Twitter, articles you've written for other sites, or any other web presence you have.

If interested, there might also be a possibility of getting together with me and any other writers that join up, and going out to visit some of the places we write about! It probably goes without saying, but just in case: this is not a paid position! For fun only!

Email me or message me on Facebook if interested! For those who haven't liked it yet, our Facebook page is here.

Our Purpose and Goals

Map of the regions of Arizona

There are a lot of websites out there that are dedicated to haunted places, including Arizona ones. However, these websites also include locations across the entire country, which limits the amount of information that can be posted for each individual haunting. Most of them only have a paragraph or two. What's worse, every one of these sites seems to have copied and pasted the same paragraph from the same source.

Our site is locally focused because we want to add as much information as possible to each individual location. Our goal is to have original, well-researched and in-depth articles about as many locations as possible across the state of Arizona. We also hope that readers who live in the state, or have visited, will submit their personal experiences with the paranormal at any of the state's haunted places. We want to become the biggest, most definitive source for information regarding any of Arizona's reported hauntings, including a detailed history of each location and as much reported activity as possible.

As you can see, the state is divided into five major regions. Three of the five regions are named after a large city contained within them; however, that section of the site will contain stories from all over the region, not just within that major city. The map at the left shows how the regions are divided, with each one containing anywhere from 2 to 5 counties. They are divided on the county lines to make things more organized.

Currently in the Archive

Cities and towns in alphabetical order:
Casa Grande • Jerome • Lake Havasu City • Payson • Phoenix • Prescott • Scottsdale • Tempe • Tombstone • Tucson • Yuma

Haunted Locations by business name (alphabetical):
Angeline's Grave • The Birdcage Theatre • The Domes • Fifth Avenue • Hassayampa Inn • Jerome Grand Hotel • London Bridge • Main Street Grille • Monti's La Casa Vieja / Hayden House • Saguaro High School • Southwest Supermarket (burned down) • St. Mary's Hospital • Yuma Territorial Prison