Hauntings in Casa Grande and Eloy

Casa Grande is a small city compared to Phoenix and Tucson, which are approximately equal distances away; but it is a very fast-growing one, gaining almost 16,000 in population between the years 2000 and 2010. Once considered the "middle of nowhere," Casa Grande has recently been built up with large shopping centers and become much more well-known across the state. Among its rapidly-growing population are said to be many dark supernatural presences and tortured souls of the past, and the number of active hauntings seems to be growing along with the city.

Eloy is a town that is very close to Casa Grande, but much smaller. It is well-known for its skydiving, but not much else. Aside from its jump zones, it serves mainly as a place to gas up and get a bite to eat for those traveling on the freeway. We are having trouble digging up any information about Eloy hauntings, so it has been lumped into the same page with Casa Grande. If you know about a haunted place in Eloy, please let us in on it!

We are currently working to post more haunted places in Casa Grande and Eloy. Here are the ones we have so far. Most titles will appear as links; click one and you will be taken to that location's customized page.

Casa Grande

The Domes - 4 stars (out of 5)
A mysterious, dome-shaped abandoned factory, reported to be used in human and animal sacrifices, Satanic worship and black magic.