The Domes - Casa Grande

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A collection of large, abandoned, dome-shaped buildings. There are four structures, including three that are long, catepillar-like structures, and one separate, flatter dome that resembles a "flying saucer." There are also remnants of foundations for three more of these structures that were never built. Underneath the domes there are tunnels.

The large, empty doorways and holes in the ceiling create strong acoustics within the buildings, echoing any noise with an intensity that makes the place even spookier. These echoes and the sounds of wind passing over the holes are one logical reason for the eerie "whispering" often heard -- but whispering is only the beginning of the hauntings that take place in The Domes.


The domes were built in 1982 by a company that manufactured circuit boards for use in items like watches and computers, and intended to move their headquarters to Casa Grande. The larger buildings were for manufacturing and the saucer dome was to be the office. The tunnels were supposedly for either ventilation or fluids used in the manufacturing process.

When the company went under, construction on the domes ceased and was never completed. They have been abandoned ever since. Years later, the domes became a popular hangout for teenagers who wanted a good place to party and drink, as well as an illegal dumping ground for people who wanted to get rid of some garbage. The buildings were covered with graffiti inside, and to a lesser extent, outside.

It has been widely rumored that these buildings have been, and continue to be, used for black magic and Satanic worship, animal sacrifices, and several acts of rape and murder. Often, evidence is found supporting these claims -- such as animal carcasses and bones constantly littering the area, and a stone slab surrounded by what appears to be dried blood. It is unclear if these findings are staged by the teenaged partiers who continue to use the domes, or are actual remnants of evil deeds... However, it has been said that the dead animals found there are commonly skinned, which leads people to believe they are not simply dumped roadkill. The police have received many complains about coven meetings being held there.

During our internet research, we came across a user who passed on the message of a self-proclaimed medium who had gone to the domes, saying that she felt that children had been sacrificed there centuries ago by Native Americans, long before the domes were ever built. It's impossible to know if this is true or not.


The thing that most often scares trespassers away from the domes is the dark, shadowy figure said to lurk in the back dome. The figure is not confined to this dome, either. He also moves from dome to dome, walks on top of them, and can sometimes be seen walking outdoors in the surrounding desert.

In addition to echoes and whispering noises, the sounds of screaming children have been reported, and footsteps are often heard when no one is moving. Many people have reported tapping noises on their cars while parked outside, and one man says that something invisible slammed down onto the hood of his car. Our internet research shows that individuals have also seen a figure hanging from a barbed-wire noose only seconds after the noose was empty, and tapped lightly on the outside of a dome only to hear loud banging in reply, coming from the inside. One group of girls had a rock thrown over their heads while they stood outside the domes with no one behind them; the rock went over all of them and hit the wall of the dome in front of them.

Photographer Wesley Treat has written that, although he didn't believe the place was haunted at first, he went running for his rental car and sped away after hearing some sort of jug kicked off of the ground by someone who wasn't there. He did, however, get some cool photos first.

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Location and Visitor Info:

The domes are accessible thanks to broken down fences, but if you don't want to risk getting in trouble with the police, they are best viewed from farther away if you don't have permission to be there. However, if you can figure out how to contact the owners, Daniel and Karon Peer, they have said that they are willing to consider requests to visit (as of August 2009).

UPDATE: As of September 2012, it appears the owners of the property charge $300 to visit. Thanks to Travis, who emailed me with this information!

The domes are located about two miles away from the Walmart Distribution Center and half a mile south of I-8 on Thorton Road.

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